Proud Dad with Banker and Java
Mathew and Erica with their special gal, Dana! 
Khan, age 11, with his boston buddy, and his family! 


The Klassen family!  Can you find the shepherd!! 

Luke and Sparkles with their special family
Mesa and her Shadowbar family!
Marley and buddy out for a romp with his special people
Young Java meets great grampa
Smile for daddy Sherman!
Zack's family , having a great vacation!
Guinness and Java with their Mom! 
Java and Guinness with Dad.   Snow pack in August!!  Heaven!!
Jade and her family at home
Java, Guinness and Dad on one of their many hikes! 
Jet, 'hanging out' with his family at home. 
Denali, age 5, ring bearer for her parents wedding!
Bronco and his family! 
Bronco's baby is getting bigger!!
Kobe's family, Thanksgiving retreat, 2014



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