Just Fun!! 
Zander's exhausted, Hank the Boston, keeps him safe!
Oh, Hi Mom!!  I'm not really eating this!!
It's a what ?? I thought it was mine!!
Now this is DOG PLAY!!!
Hey Lulu, you crack me up!!
"Look big guy, your not scaring me you know"!! 
As many times as I bite it, it just keeps coming and coming!!
Belly rub, please!!
I'll try jumping it!!
Diesel and Eagle and friend, this eating business is hard work!!
Jazmine, you are sooo pretty!!
Jade and her best play date!!
Come on Zeph, just one kiss, please!!
Where's your sunglasses Azryel!!!  I love your hat!!
Don't you leave without me!!!
You think "I" did this, no no, it was Hank the boston, honest!!
Delaney with her stick, the bigger the better!!
If he's got that ball, that's the one "I" want!!! 
Azyrel's first Christmas
Cooper, the chase is on!!! 
Lilly, 6 months, snow frisbee!!
Zach's curls!!
Yukon grins!!
 Stella  peeks!!


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